Opportunity Center Partners

Working together to serve the community

buildingThe Opportunity Center is supported by a caring community — a broad-based coalition of public and private organizations, including the Palo Alto City Council, which unanimously approved the center’s development.

None of us could have accomplished such a monumental task alone. CWG’s volunteer Board of Directors is deeply grateful to all of our partners and supporters.


021The Opportunity Center’s total development cost was $23.9 million. Through the generous support of philanthropic individuals and families, foundations, congregations, and local corporations, CWG achieved its capital campaign goal of $8 million and built an additional $1 million Opportunity Fund to help people facing extreme poverty to secure stable housing.


Service Partners 

Housing Partners

Community Partners

CWG appreciates the tremendous support it receives from the faith community; close to 20 congregations conducted their own campaigns to raise support for the initial Opportunity Center building project.

Construction Partners

Public Funders

US Department of Housing and Urban Development
California Multi-family Housing Program


More than 1,000 donors from the faith community, foundations, service clubs, the business community and private individuals came together to raise over $10 million for the Opportunity Center, including services and rent subsidies to enable individuals to move off the streets and stabilize their lives.