Opportunity Center Services



The Opportunity Center offers a broad range of services for both single individuals and small families with children, in two separate wings on the ground floor. 

The Opportunity Center also includes services to the broader community, such as problem-solving, crisis intervention and community education, designed to reduce the number of homeless-related concerns in the community.

Immediate help and transformative services for individuals

The Opportunity Service Center for individuals provides both hospitality services and rehabilitative services for the general homeless and at-risk population. The center has an open reception area, a large community room, a small kitchen and eating space, a classroom, a computer lab, laundry facilities, staff offices, consultation rooms, and an outdoor patio area.

cwgOCclientinoffice1_updatedThe first step towards helping community members find their way out of homelessness, or to help them avoid it, is to provide for their basic needs, so the center offers hot coffee and light snacks, access to personal hygiene facilities, a place to pick up mail or return a phone call, assistance in finding food and emergency shelter, and a supportive sense of community. Once they are in the door with some basic needs met, clients have access to a wide variety of social, rehabilitative, and educational services.

For individuals who seek to move out of homelessness or prevent it from occurring, the Opportunity Center provides rehabilitative services, including coordinated case management, mental health and substance abuse counseling, job training and counseling, medical and psychiatric screening, legal assistance, money management training, and support groups.

Services for women and families

The Opportunity Center’s Bredt Family Center houses services specifically for homeless and at-risk women, children, and families — both residents of the Opportunity Center, as well as those currently looking for housing. These services include adult education classes and workshops, child development activities, computer/Internet access, health care, case management, information and referral. Facilities include a small kitchen, laundry facilities, and a secure outdoor children’s play area. The family center is located in a separate area of the Opportunity Center’s first floor and has its own entrance.

Medical services

The Donald A. Barr Medical Center is housed on the ground floor of the Opportunity Center and serves residents of the Opportunity Center, including children, unhoused military veterans, and day-use clients. Peninsula HealthCare Connection — a nonprofit organization launched by CWG — provides the following medical and psychiatric services on-site at no cost to the clients:

  • Internal medicine
  • Family practice and pediatric care
  • Psychiatric care
  • Assistance with accessing disability assistance (SSI & Disability) and MediCal
  • Other case management and medication assistance
  • Complementary medical services: acupuncture
  • Educational consultation services for families living at the Opportunity Center